Thursday, December 3, 2009

You are righteous and nothing is impossible for you

A dear friend of mine wrote this note. I was so blessed by it that i couldnt possibly NOT put it online:

"As truly born again Christians we posses a new nature inside of us. This nature is at the very core of who we are and already predestines us to absolute greatness in God.

Many underestimate all that happened at the point of salvation but here are some key things that happened to you when you were born again:
- At salvation our Spirit is made alive unto God.
- At salvation we are co-buried with Christ and our sinful nature is circumcised from us.
- At salvation we are made alive with Christ and given a totally new nature and a heart of flesh instead of a heart of stone.
- At salvation we are given identity and purpose.
Now, that’s not all that happens at salvation but for what I want to speak about it’ll do.

Full freedom, deliverance, prosperity, health and every manifestation of heaven exists in your spirit. You have been given fullness in Christ, WITHOUT MEASURE. Your spirit manifests PERFECT righteousness and PERFECT obedience. Don’t get me wrong though, our bodies and minds are wonderful creations made and loved by God himself and God totally relates to our ENTIRE being through the gift of righteousness. When God looks at you he sees you through Jesus and In the Holy Spirit.

Now, I’m sure there are things in your life that may be holding you down or bondages that you really want to be free of but you just seem to fall into the same trap, over and over. I’ve been there and in some areas I am there but I’ve heard God’s voice about this and I’d love to share.

The only thing in this entire universe that’ll cause you to conquer sin is the Grace of God. What I mean by that is this: Knowing that God is not holding sins against you and knowing that even your worst mistake won’t separate you from God is the very thing that will cause you to conquer those things!

I want to say this with love, but also with authority: discipline, obedience and even Repentance won’t bring holiness, ONLY Grace, unadulterated Grace will. When I say holiness I mean so much more than just not sinning! Touching Grace is touching Jesus and is touching Jesus is touching Holiness. Friendship with God is HOLINESS.

Let me give you an example from my own life, a testimony… I’ve battled with things in my life and when I mess up I often think something along the lines of, “I hope that by the end of these holidays or this month I’ll conquer this thing.. and I’ll be soooo disappointed with myself if I don’t!” This happened to me and in that state of severe condemnation I decided to run straight into His presence, because I KNEW that the manifestation of Grace will be what brings me out of that place.

As I was standing there, soaking and enjoying myself I heard His voice so clearly inside of me saying, “Son, even if you don’t conquer this thing by the end of these holidays, I WILL NOT be disappointed by you at all.” From that very moment I have felt a ridiculous strength in the face of temptation and new freedom. Not only that but more importantly I’ve been so much more able to laugh in the face of the enemy when he tries to bring condemnation on me.

Here are two scriptures that back up all that I have been saying, because its good to be biblical :-)
1 Corinthians 15:56 : “The sting of sin is death, but the power of sin is the law”
Romans 6:14 : “For sin shall not be your master, because you are not under law, but under grace.”

You may be wondering, “this is good stuff, but what does it look like? How do I do it?” Let’s get practical then. The most valuable thing you can do when you feel the worst about yourself is to run into His presence. Sometimes it feels impossible but that is when it is vitally important to remember the words he has said to you and the AMAZING truths in the word that tell you God is NOT holding your sins against you and that you are THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD in Christ.

Don’t seek to get right with God. Seek to understand that you ARE RIGHT WITH GOD!! Don’t get into that endless attitude of sorrowful repentance of sin (which isn’t biblically accurate anyways) but instead get into His presence and find THE FULLNESS OF JOY! Don’t accept those lies of the enemy telling you you’re dirty! NO! You are clean!! Because HE made you clean. He made you GOOD ENOUGH. He made you able. You can soar on wings like eagles!!

You know what the most beautiful thing of approaching God boldly in this manner and under NO circumstance considering yourself a sinner, never accepting condemnation is? It is the GREATEST faith you can have. IT PLEASES GOD DEEPLY.

I honestly, from deep within my being, can feel God smiling at us when we don’t make a big issue of sin and when we agree with the simplicity of the gospel: He became your sin so that you may become His righteousness. SIMPLE! Don’t get confused about faith – it’s not a mystery as the word says that the mystery of Christ is revealed to us. And that is exactly where our faith is.

What God spoke to me about faith is simply agreeing with Him about Himself, about Yourself and about your world. Faith is not irrational or difficult. It is extremely easy with the right teaching, so soak yourself in Grace teaching :-) and so encounter His transforming presence.

What I’m truly trying to get at here (and I hope the point has now been overly labored and been soaked into you, lol) is that it is the GOSPEL that is the power of salvation (which is also the word for deliverance!) and in that gospel a Righteousness FROM GOD is revealed that is by FAITH from first to last. (Romans 1:16-17).

NO born again Christian wants to stay sinning, they have a new heart and over time that’ll manifest. Don’t go beat yourself up now because your life isn’t manifesting holiness, obedience and discipline yet. (Look at Abraham, he believed God and it was accredited to him as righteousness but soon after that He lied to a king, telling him his wife was his sister! If he were to have gone under the law and striving at that stage he would NEVER have manifested those good things).

Instead, STAY in FAITH and FAR away from works. Don’t force obedience onto yourself. Hebrews 11:6 says it is impossible to please God apart from faith. So if you don’t have the faith to be obedient or even to stop a bad habit in your life but you try in your own strength and flesh anyways, you’re sinning in doing that!! You’re in UNBELIEF. That’s radical I know but what I’m trying to say here is that your victory won’t be found in striving, but in rest.

The Kingdom isn’t a matter of food or drink but of RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE AND JOY in the HOLY SPIRIT. I much prefer having rest in the spirit and laughing my way into utter, irreversible victory than worrying and striving in my fleshy works, only ending in disappointment and often a greater depth of sin.

Your victory is in the Holy Spirit, not in your obedience, sacrifice, repentance or anything in or of yourself. Begin to learn how to rest; begin to enjoy God and take pleasure in Him based on His goodness and just as Sarah (who was barren) was able to conceive, you will also begin to bear good fruit unto God.

This is good news, I hope you enjoyed it..

Grace and Peace,


I pray that it blessed you as much as it did me

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