Saturday, August 1, 2009

Honest Christianity

My first attempts to begin a blog dedicated to GRACE (Gods ability to accept us regardless of spiritual pedigree or qualifications) were scrapped within a matter of seconds. Ironically, this was because I felt un-qualified for the job. Surely if one is to represent GRACE in its entirety they should live a perfect life, have a perfect family and simply be perfect?

I think NOT

The world is not looking for Perfection, they want realism. A dear (unsaved) friend of mine mentioned once that she would accept Christ “if Christians were honest about their struggles and did not try to hide behind social masks.”

I have to agree. It is the unfortunate fact that we have been taught to be perfect before loving God, moving in God or being used by God. This false teaching has robbed many of the joy of their salvation. It has created a burdening load over the shoulders of many Christians.

Many prominent Pastors teach that God only uses those who “act in righteousness and perfection at all times”. This is not true. God uses the weak and foolish things of this world to shame the wise (1 Cor. 1:27).

He does not only use the strong and sinless (for who is truly without sin?).

Rather, God accepts us NOW in our imperfection. No strings attached.

Just as Mark Darcy confessed to Bridget in the fictitious film Bridget Jones Diary: “I like you, JUST AS YOU ARE”

God says to all of us: I LOVE YOU JUST AS YOU ARE

We do not have to be perfect in our own right to be loved, used and moved by God.

If only we could break free from the conditioning of the past and realise that God has qualified us in His Son JESUS. He is not looking at us through eyes judgemental. Rather He views us through the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ AS PERFECT FOREVER even if we do mess up.

And so, if you are looking for a perfect blog written by a perfect person then keep looking. What you will find here is reality saturated in the Grace of God; a blog written by a broken man to a broken world. You will find Spelling errors and honesty.

But hopefully, amongst all of the imperfection I or this blog may contain: I PRAY YOU FIND CHRIST AND THE PERFECTION OF HIS LOVE.


  1. Am sooo glad you've joined the blogging world bro!!! :) Yes! The world needs to hear truth from you!

  2. It is so good that this is a real blog. Noy faking or puting up fronts. Its about real people dealing with real things. You go Brogs.

  3. Thanks guys!
    really appreciate it. I was inspired by two things here: the murder of the two homosexuals in Tel Aviv (I wondered: did they know that God loved them as they were? My entire being wanted to die and go to them and just tell them!) and secondly, I was saddened by what someone told me the other day,
    a young boy said to me: "Grace people are so holy and righteous. They do not struggle with what I struggle with. Grace is not for me"
    Suddenly I was stirred to start a blog that 1) taught Grace and 2) showed that though we carry the Glory of God, we are still in weak earthern vessels. Grace is for everyone, regardless of our struggles. If it were not, I would not be here...